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NEW ITEMS Pro Boat spare shafts. OS 21 Marine.
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KRAKEN GAS MONO  Flexi-shafts, wedge rudders, trim tabs Radio Boxes  Technical free stuff
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 FSRV Multiracing

Tiger King   Engines 

Zenoah Marine Engines

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Brushless watercooled motors and marine brushless ESC

Surface Drive Flexishafts

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Fast Electric RC Model Boats

Gas Tuned Pipes Headers

Bellows  Waterscoops 

Propshafts, couplings, rudders 

starting equipment 

Radios Servos

Kraken racing gas mono

DM Propellers

Octura Propeller

Fuel Tanks.

Zenoah Spares

boat models flexishafts
Surface Drive Flexishafts rudders

ORION 48 rc catamaran

MERCURY 52 F1 Tunnel 

.Radio Boxes


Rubber mounts

 NEW  PMB  supplies all of the Prestwich model RC powerboats in FSRV multiracing  and OMRA nitro rc boat models, the Mocom props range of submerged drive model powerboat propellers, with 41 different rc model boat props to choose from, also all propellers in the Octura Propellers range. Brushless watercooled motors and marine brushless ESC have their own section and Fast Brushless RC Electric Boats are catered for. Our stock includes the marine hardware needed for submerged drive rc boats,  FSRV , DeepVee boat models, and also all the surface drive flexishaft hardware needed for FSRO, DeepV R/C Model OMRA Boats, Cats and FSRH-Hydro's including Octura other makes of surface drive hardware. We sell many different nitro, gas, petrol rc boats including sport shallow V and Deep V  sports boats for submerged, semi-surface and surface drive systems. Every nitro or gas boat can be supplied with a full or part hardware kit. We keep most  Spares for  Tiger King , CMB Marine Engines, Zenoah Marine Engines and, NOVAROSSI  boat engines. We supply specialist parts for rc Tiger King MARINE ENGINES  Zenoah gas engines 260PUM engines and also Zenoah spares are kept in stock for marine car and helicopter engines.  Prestwich sells the full range of CMB engines, as well as a large selection of tuned pipes, including stainless steel watercooled tuned pipes and aluminium silenced, tuned pipes.   Fast Electric  electric rc boats  (submerged drive and surface drive for Octura Props).   We sell many preswick racing fast electric boat models including the Microdart and Minilynx. Fast electrics, boats, motors and hardware are shown in detail. Also we have plenty of free technical information on this webpage . We host the website for CROSS RC CARS including the CROSS RC UC6 ,CROSS RC HC4 , CROSS RC GC4. CROSS RC BC8 FLAGSHIP CROSSRCMC6

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE contact     Phone.  UK  07842 634090  international  00447842 634090.       PMB,  4, Harvey Court, Harvey Lane, Golborne, Cheshire, WA33RX  England.   Model boats of all types including FSRV, FSRH, FSRO Offshore,  Deepvee, fast electric, cats, zenoah gas boats.