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Model Boat Radio Boxes
RBX21 Radio box, strong plastic with bolt down lid, built in double seals, 2 bellows and bellows mounts and  servo tray.  The best radio box we have seen, with very strong main body and moulded in steel threaded inserts.  

Suitable for 5" rails, 69mm high, 144mm long body, 185mm long lid.

wpe8F.jpg (49032 bytes) 20.95

RBX12 Radio box fixing system. This fixes down the radio box without drilling holes in the box.   wpe9E.jpg (86455 bytes) wpeA0.jpg (451905 bytes) 7.95
RBX14 Fibreglass radio box with acrylic cover a 160mm x 150mm x 65mm. Body size 128mm x 118mm wpe77.jpg (32989 bytes) wpe79.jpg (11687 bytes) 13.45
RBX15 Wooden radio box 95% assembled, just needs rubber seal glueing in place. Acrylic cover and 2 side servo mounts. 160mm x 110mm x 40mm


RBX16 8 x  M4 thumbscrews for radio box


wpe95.jpg (240402 bytes) 6.30
RBX23 Waterproof radio switch for Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, Multiplex etc. includes charging lead.   The best solution for switching the radio on and off in a boat.  wpe2.jpg (20592 bytes) wpe34.jpg (21033 bytes) wpe36.jpg (26481 bytes) 10.95

. . . .
RBX22 Radio box tape. 24mm x 25m waterproof clear tape for radio box sealing and hatch sealing on electric boats. wpe3E.jpg (11549 bytes)


RBX27 Aluminium servo mount clamp type for all mini servos  such as hitec 225. (servo not included) wpe1C.jpg (48688 bytes)wpe21.jpg (8744 bytes) 7.95
RBX28 Aluminium servo mount clamp type for all standard servos. (servo not included) wpe1C.jpg (48688 bytes)wpe21.jpg (8744 bytes) 7.95
RBX29 Aluminium 1/4 scale size servo mount clamp type. (servo not included) wpe1C.jpg (48688 bytes)wpe21.jpg (8744 bytes) 8.30
RBX40 Servo mount for micro 9gram servos wpe34.jpg (18144 bytes)


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