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 KRAKEN 42 7.5cc geared or sport gas 

This is our new 7.5cc nitro racing mono that we designed and developed to race at the IMBRA World Championships in 2018. 1070mm long. Designed like the larger Kraken 52  with high tapered sides to prevent diving in the corners and it has full length rails for speed. This boat can be supplied with 5" wooden rails fitted.

All of our racing boats are made from epoxy and glass or carbon kevlar and are vacuum moulded with multiple layers of material. This gives a very light and strong moulding which is far better than normal fibreglass. Do not confuse these boats with normal fibreglass boats. These are top quality lightweight epoxy mouldings made with up to 5 layers of glass or  4 layers of glass one of carbon and  kevlar and slow setting epoxy resin which means no distortion, no gel coat cracks  and they are VERY strong. These boats are hand laid up in a ceramic mould. The mould and moulding are vacuum bagged and left in an oven for 16 hours at 50C and then post cured at 25C for 24 hours after removal from the mould.  They are then joined with kevlar or glass and again cured overnight in the oven. This makes for an extremely strong, stiff and lightweight racing boat. Carbon kevlar is incredibly difficult to damage. The engine tank cover is made from epoxy glass to prevent radio problems.  
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                      Kraken 42 (EK) Carbon/ Kevlar Epoxy. Standard racing version of Kraken. Carbon/kevlar epoxy hull and glass/epoxy engine cover. This boat is NOT painted and is supplied with carbon/kevlar patterned hull and translucent epoxy engine cover. Suitable for geared 7.5cc nitro, 15cc nitro and gas engines

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Very nice Kraken 42 built by Lutz Rainer Scholl
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