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Engine Equipment

. Engine equipment for nitro glowplug engines, competition or non competition including turbo and standard glowplugs. . .
EE5 Glowplug driver.  Rechargeable glow igniter with mains charger. For use with all types of glow plugs. wpe3C.jpg (18103 bytes) 16.95
EE6 NEW HEAVY DUTY, VERY POWERFUL Electric Starter for model boats. This will start any engine .12 up to 35cc It will carry a 3S or 4S lipo on the rear mounting. 


 wpe60.jpg (53547 bytes) 80.95
GA63 Starter belt. Black kevlar reinforced v type starting belt for starting all sizes of engines from .18 to 30cc. 6mm x 530mm. Starting belts of this type are clean, strong and are suitable for all types of starter. 3.95
EE7 Powerful electric fuel pump with built in 6volt rechargeable NIMH battery. Forward and reverse pump switch. We used this all last year and no problems at all. Pumps fuel easily without priming. Suitable for gas or nitro fuel. wpe71.jpg (15552 bytes) 29.95
EE8A Manual geared fuel pump.  Suitable for nitro or gas.   wpe29.jpg (13303 bytes) 14.95
EE8C Electric fuel pump suitable for petrol or nitro fuels  6v to 12volt wpe2A.gif (30879 bytes)


OD10 10 pieces Odonnell 299T V2 conelock plug, 2017 version. The best throttling plug of all with non organic seal that will never leak. 


wpe2.jpg (21053 bytes)  

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EE11 Lock on glowclip  wpe5C.jpg (5489 bytes) 4.95
EE12 Remote clip on glow plug lead wpe5E.jpg (2659 bytes) 3.95