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 ETP5 ZENOAH Tuning Program

 ETP2  ENGINE TUNING PROGRAM for all nitro engines

The program kit is split into 2 parts: firstly, text and pictures with a full and easy to follow explanation about what is needed to modify an engine to make more power, and secondly, the computer program which allows you to find the exhaust, transfer and induction timings (opening, closing and total duration) using simple measurements from the engine.  The computer program shows many other things too, such as compression ratio, trapped compression ratio, blowdown, and allows you to input different squish clearances and combustion chamber volumes and see the difference in compression ratios. 
    Modifying an engine to have more power AND have good throttling and torque is not easy, but this program will help you do just that.  It allows you to log all the port timings from your engine, based on easy measurements that take just a few minutes to complete. Once this information is logged into the program, the port timings etc. are displayed, and then you can follow the detailed text showing you what can be done to improve the engine. There is detailed information on all sizes of marine racing engines (CMB, Picco, Rossi, OPS, Novarossi etc) and also on sport engines such as SC, Irvine, ASP etc.  If you have been trying to modify engines and have been unsuccessful, this program may help you retrieve that liner/piston which doesn't work.  It will also show why a new model of engine from a manufacturer may not work in the same way as the old model.  Small changes in port timings can dramatically change the power characteristics of the engine, and these can be documented here.  There are other programs around that are OK for logging the engine data, but this kit logs the necessary information and then tells you step by step what to do to improve the power output of your engine.  Included is a step by step description of the modifications done to one engine as an example.  No degree wheel is needed.

  The instructions are very simple.  Within minutes the program will generate a list of data relating to your engine, which you can then compare to the timing lists in the program. If you have tried to modify an engine and now it does not throttle, or does not want to keep on pipe through the corners, this program will show you how to retrieve that situation. This will easily save you the cost of the software by helping you to use the cylinder that you modified too far.   


1. Software and detailed instructions on how to use it.   Step by step instructions including diagrams and pictures for measuring the port timings, compression ratio, and rpm of your engine.  A degree wheel is not needed.  You need to input some basic engine dimensions and simple measurements taken from the top of the cylinder liner and the  software calculates and lists exhaust, transfer and boost timings, induction port opening, closing and total duration, (this is for disc, drum or crankshaft induction engines) blowdown, geometric and trapped compression ratio.  The program shows the effect on compression ratio of changing the exhaust timing, and after removing or adding head gaskets and/or machining the head.  The software is suitable for engines from .12 (1.8cc)  to  50cc, all engine makes from the tiniest OS and SC 1.8cc to Mathe 35cc.  Induction types catered for are  crankshaft induction, drum valve, normal disc valve and zimmerman disc valve.  Zenoah engines have their own special program.

2. Complete kit of parts is included for measuring head volume and parts needed to show squish clearance.

3.  Full instructions are included on how to modify your engine for more power and/or better throttling. 

4.  Full instructions are included on how to fix that engine you have modified and which now doesn't want to throttle or pull away from the shore! 

5. Full backup with any questions answered within 24 hours.

6. Buyers will be registered and will receive free updates via email as they are available.

7. To get you started, there is a standard and a modified engine in 3 engine sizes shown in the data.

If you have been afraid to change anything on your engine, then this program will make it very easy.  You can get full backup from the designer of this Engine Tuning Program -Dave Marles- 5 times Naviga World Champion and 2 times UIM World Model Powerboat Champion.  Engines modified using these ideas, have won numerous National and International competitions in all forms of Model Competitions.

ETP2 ENGINE TUNING PROGRAM FOR MODEL GLOWPLUG ENGINES. (nitro engines)    35.00 GBP  post free to anywhere in the wold.
ETP5 SPECIAL ENGINE TUNING PROGRAM FOR ZENOAH, Sikk, RCMK  ENGINES.  Zenoah Program    35.00 GBP  post free to anywhere in the world.

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