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ORION 45 for geared .45 

Prop sizes. geared 1.5.5:1 Propeller  X457/3. Pipe length 23cm.
Use a 1/4 flexi stepped down to 3/16 for the propeller.
Front of rudder to transom 90mm.
Rudder length below bracket 130mm.
Rudder centreline to strut centre line 65 to 70mm.
2 trim tabs only. 50mm wide. Inside edge of tabs 35mm from the centre of the hull. Tabs should be set 2mm above the bottom of the hull so that they normally do not touch the water.
The turn fin on the right side 50mm long below the bracket. Perpendicular to the hull bottom.
Balance point without fuel 410 mm from transom.
Sparkplug to transom with Geared CMB 45 is 475mm ( transom is the vertical part of the back of the boat.).

Fit the engine to the complete rubber mount assembly and position it where shown but do not glue in place yet. Fit the coupling to the gearbox. The Strut MUST be fitted at the position shown. Check the drawing above for the position of the tube through the transom. Drill an undersize hole for the proptube in the V of the transom. Enlarge the hole with a round file until the tube just fits through it. Fit the strut assembly to the transom using the four M4 screws provided and reinforce the inside of the transom if required with a plywood plate. Fibreglass the front end of the tube in position using a piece of wood under the tube as support at the same time as fitting the engine mount making sure that the tube lines up with the engine coupling. Do not fibreglass the rear 60mm of the tube because this should fit into the strut and be able to move with it during adjustment. Cut the prop tube to length so that it is about 10 to 12mm from the coupling. Cut the flexi to length, remembering to leave a gap of 5 to 6mm (not less than 5mm) between thrust washer and the strut. Do not cut the flexi too short, because it has to go inside the coupling. The fuel tank should be fitted between the engine an radio box. The engine can be held temporarily in place with Plasticene whilst the engine mounting feet are tacked in place with thick cyano (superglue). Cut down the feet or pack them up as required. The flexi should slide smoothly into the coupling, to be sure of correct alignment. Fix the mounting feet in position with fibreglass paste. These should be reinforced with microfibres and glass cloth. The inside of the deck hatch opening in the deck should be cut back until the hatch fits into it. ( normally done by us) Fix the hatch down using GA8 hatch fasteners or similar at the rear. The radio box can be fibreglassed in place or screwed down onto a plywood plate. . Only use balanced / sharpened propellers. We recommend Octura props.


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