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Sigma V1  Original Version
New racing mono for Zenoah 25.4cc to 30.5cc gas engines.  Gas Tuned Pipes  


The Sigma V1 has  been a very successful racing boat with many wins in countries all over the world and now we have decided to sell it again. 

Sigma V1  1300mm long (51") 355mm wide (14")  Very fast and stable circuit racing and FSRO mono V boat for Zenoah gas engines. Very low for stability but easy to build with a large engine compartment.  This boat is designed for RACING and will run in 8 boat heats without difficulty when most other boats are a handful with stability problems in race chop. . Link to video of first test
All of our racing boats are made from epoxy and glass or carbon kevlar and are vacuum moulded with multiple layers of material. This gives a very light and strong moulding which is far better than normal fibreglass. 

FIRST INTERNATIONAL 2007 International in Duisburg Germany we raced the Sigma with ZEN7 against the FSRO International experts in 8 minute heats. The Sigma made 34 laps in 8 minutes compared to the nearest which was 29 laps in 8 minutes and this was racing against cats and other monos. (This was in spite of running out of fuel and being unable to complete the last lap.)

2009 International DUISBURG GERMANY. A Sigma with Zenoah G260 won 35cc mono class (FSRO35)  and a Sigma with CMB91RSDM won 15cc mono class (FSRO15).    

In the 2009 Duisburg International Dave Marles design

SIGMA V1 EG made with epoxy, glass, vacuum bagged and cured in an oven for maximum strength. Hull and deck are joined with glass cloth and epoxy for strength. 5 layers of cloth in the hull and 4 layers in the deck. 6mm plywood rails are fixed in the hull and motor mount holes are predrilled. (can also be supplied without rails)
SIGMA V1 EK made with epoxy, glass  and carbon kevlar, vacuum bagged and cured in an oven for maximum strength. Incredibly strong and light. Hull and deck are prejoined with glass cloth and epoxy for strength.  6mm plywood rails are fixed in the hull and motor mount holes are predrilled. Engine cover is moulded in epoxy/glass so that an exterior aerial is not required when using 2.4ghz radio's and so that transponders will work.  Dave Marles design.      Carbon cover can be specified at no extra cost. 5 layers of cloth in the hull and 4 layers in the deck.
SIGMA V1 DEAL 3. Kit consists of SIGMA EG epoxy/glass vacuum, joined boat with TK05 Tiger King Racetuned 26cc full race Tiger King 7.1bhp engine, special watercooled exhaust adapter, top of the range high power  watercooled CS26  silenced tuned pipe, quick change quiet motor mounts, 1/4" flexishaft assembly including CNC machined strut, brass stuffing tube, drive dog and 100mm bracket CNC machined wedge rudder assembly with twin built in waterpickups, radio box rubber bellows seals, stainless steel collet type flexhex coupling, fuel tank, tygon type fuel tubing, fuel filter, quick release  hatch clips,  balanced and  sharpened metal racing propeller, aerial, radio box with servo mount plate and bellows,  CNC aluminium T Bar,  rudder pushrod, bellrank type throttle linkage,  watercooling tubing, turn fins. This is top quality hardware not seen on any other boat kits. Normal price 1080.00.  Special price 895.00.    

SIGMA V1 DEAL 5 ARTR. PARTLY ASSEMBLED Ultimate deal.   Motor and motor mounts installed plus coupling, T bar, shaft, tube, rudder, turn fins, strut, cowl locks, water outlets are all fitted. (some parts removed for shipping)  Consists of SIGMA EK epoxy and carbon and kevlar vacuum joined boat withTK5 Tiger King Racetuned 27cc racing engine Full race Tiger King engine 7.6 bhp engine,, watercooled exhaust manifold,new 2012 design watercooled silenced stainless steel  CS26  tuned pipe, coil relocator, bellcrank type throttle linkage, quiet motor mounts, 1/4" flexishaft assembly including aluminium CNC strut, brackets, tube, drive dog, CNC machined wedge rudder assembly with 2 built in waterpickups, 2 aluminium water outlets, large radio box with special rubber bellows and servo mount plate, big bore water silicone tube and tygon fuel tube, stainless steel flexhex flexishaft coupling, aluminium T Bar propshaft support, fuel tank, 1/4 turn quick release hatch clips,  balanced-sharpened 7015/2 2 blade bronze racing propeller, tube type aerial, rudder and throttle linkages,  turn fins, tuned pipe mount, 2 cnc clamp type servo mounts.  This is top quality hardware not seen on any other boat kits. Hull is vacuumed epoxy/carbon kevlar, engine cover is vacuumed epoxy/glass. Normal price 1304.00.  Special price 1150.00.   Link to video of first test.


SIG7 wpe5E.jpg (11448 bytes)


Do not confuse these boats with normal fibreglass boats. These are top quality lightweight epoxy mouldings made with up to 5 layers of glass or  4 layers of glass one of carbon and  kevlar and slow setting epoxy resin which means no distortion, no gel coat cracks  and they are VERY strong. These boats are hand laid up in the ceramic mould. The mould and moulding are vacuum bagged and left in an oven for 16 hours at 50C and then postcured at 25C for 24 hours after removal from the mould.  They are then joined with kevlar or glass and again cured overnight in the oven. This makes for an extremely strong, stiff and lightweight racing boat. Carbon kevlar is incredibly difficult to damage.  .
2 Smart looking SIGMA's from Ken Eilertsen, Norway.
SIGMA 51  2010 World Championship finalist raced by  Kees Zwartbol from Netherlands
Italian FIM Champion Sigma built and raced by Niko Rucco


Terrific paint job on Sigma from Raoul in Switzerland

 VERY NICE SIGMA built and raced by Trevor Willis in South Africa
wpeF.jpg (68460 bytes)    wpe11.jpg (25809 bytes)
.sigmarear1.jpg (51454 bytes)wpe3.jpg (28204 bytes)


Quickdraw powered carbon/kevlar Sigma raced succesfully by Ian Inverarity in Australia.
wpe1.jpg (74299 bytes)

Pic of Erich Costa's Carbon kevlar Sigma on its way to becoming French champion 2009. He reports ....First race, no trim needed. Winning all the 4 heats!
wpe5.jpg (32120 bytes)

Sigma from John Filippo  of the Netherlands.


SIGMA DEAL 4 built and raced by Odd-Erik Kanth-Lundem from Norway.

SPECIAL deep sided carbon kevlar Sigma  used by Phil Hatcher in UK OMRA offshore racing
wpe2.jpg (45490 bytes)
Darren Smiths good looking SIGMA OMRA special (Sigma with deeper sides, special order). Racing in the sea off Weymouth UK.

Beautifully built Sigma S4 built  by Jeroen Pasman from Holland

Slick looking Australian Sigma DEAL 4 built by Dave Anticich
The Sigma of Juan Carlos Arroyo in Argentina on its way to another win.


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