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DM PROPS Model Boat Propellers
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Our model boat propellers have been used by every World FSRV Champion since 1984 and almost every British Champion since they were first introduced.    THE  PROPELLERS ARE LISTED BELOW IN ORDER OF THEIR LOAD EFFECT ON THE ENGINES. All are anodised aluminium with M5 thread, except where specified.  Dave helice elicasigned


The DM PROPS B series CNC props are based on the old 2026 propeller design and are for 3.5cc. The A series are based on the 5780 design which has a slightly bigger blade area to pitch ratio and are suitable for 3.5cc, but mainly 7.5cc, 15cc and 27cc. All are for M5 threaded propshafts.
Propeller Diameter Pitch    Price
B49.5CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 49.5mm  68mm    17.95
B50CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 50mm  69mm    17.95
B50.5CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 50.5mm  69.5mm    17.95
B51CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 51.00mm  70mm    17.95
B52CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 52mm  71mm    17.95


wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 50mm  70.5mm    17.95


wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 50.5mm  71mm    17.95


wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 51mm  71.5mm    17.95


wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 51.5mm  72mm    17.95
A52CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 52mm  72.5mm    17.95
A52.5CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 52.5mm  73mm    17.95
A53CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 53mm  74.5mm    17.95
A53.5CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 53.5mm  75mm    17.95
A54CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 54mm  76mm    18.95
A54.5CNC wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 54.5mm  76.5mm    18.95
A55CNC    wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 55mm  77mm    18.95
A55.5CNC   NEW wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 55.5mm  78mm    18.95
A56CNC   NEW wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 56mm  79mm    18.95
A56.5CNC   NEW wpe8A.jpg (7097 bytes) 56mm  79.5mm    18.95
A57CNC wpe8C.jpg (7097 bytes) 56.5mm  80mm    18.95
A58CNC wpe8C.jpg (7097 bytes) 58mm  81.5mm    NO STOCK


A59CNC wpe8C.jpg (7097 bytes) 59mm  82.5mm    18.95
A60CNC wpe8C.jpg (7097 bytes) 60mm  84mm    18.95
A61CNC wpe8C.jpg (7097 bytes) 61mm  85mm    19.95
5780    57mm 80mm 10.50

3.5cc geared.(1.89:1 to 2:1) B49.8, B50, B50.5 B51, B51.5
7.5cc direct B49.5, B49.8
7.5cc geared.(1.45:1 to 1.55:1)B52, A52, A52.5, A53, A53.5, A54
15cc direct drive  A53.5, A54, A54.5, A55
15cc geared  A 56.5, A57, A58, A59
27cc A56.5  A57, A58, A59, A60, A61

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